We make cue sheets and register your music with performing rights organizations, so that...

You do not leave royalty monies on the table.

Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table

Are you really earning the most from the music you create?


Successful artists and labels earn just 6% of their income from sales.


28% of the earnings come from live performances. That is if you're lucky to sell these.


A whopping 66% comes from music royalties. Now why wouldn't you register your music?


But getting music royalties is a royal pain in the...

You get royalty only if your music is registered with the PRO (Performance Rights Organisations) such as IPRS, ASCAP, SOCAN, GEMA, and PRS. At the last count there were about 120 PROs.

You need to register the background music tracks, themes and songs separately. You need to submit detailed cue sheets while registering background music tracks..

You need to follow the guidelines of societies to the T. You may have to endure multiple rejections of your application. You need to double-check your attachments.

Phew! This is a task that's best left to professionals. You stick to creating good music.

With 8+ years of expertise in music royalty administration in India, trust Joshua Royalties to help you get the royalties you deserve.

Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table


Who can earn royalty from music?

Music Authors & Lyricists

Music Composers

Music Publishers and Producers

What kind of music can be registered?

Feature Film Song

Channels ID

Music Album

Film Background score

TV Title Score

Advertising Jingle

TV Serial background Score

Theme Music for TV Shows & Events


What are the best opportunities for music royalties?

  • Live performances
  • Radio and television stations that play your music
  • Advertisements that use your songs
  • Films that play your music
  • Events that use your song
  • Online companies that stream your songs…
Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table


The hassle-free way to create music cue sheets and earn royalties.

The registration and compliance process for earning music royalties is frustrating.

Most music creators don’t have the bandwidth, the resources, or the technical know how, to tackle the administrative hassles involved with registering their work.

Which is precisely where Joshua Royalties, a music royalty administration service, eases your pain. No hassles, no pushing papers back and forth, just earn pure royalties.

We help music creators to correctly and accurately register their work with multiple royalty collection societies.

With 24+ years of first-hand experience in the music industry in India, there’s simply no one better than Joshua Royalties to help you earn royalties from your music.

Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table

How does music royalty administration work?

Benefit from a 6-step, pain-free process that maximizes the royalties from your musical work.

1. Research

Identifies the work that's already registered with the various Performing Rights Societies [PRO].

2. Input

Inputs your musical work that is not in a specific royalty society system.

3. Amend

Amends your musical work that is wrongly inputted into a specific royalty society system.

4. Register

Registers your musical work with multiple societies that pay out royalties.

5. Update

Updates the royalty society databases with your new work and gets it registered with the royalty societies.

6. Report

Sends you monthly reports on what’s up with your work in our database.

We also do acoustic fingerprinting, essentially a condensed digital summary, of your musical work. This helps monitor who uses your work and how.

Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table


How does Joshua Royalties charge you?

We have a standard rate card for each process of the service we execute for music creators.

Based on the number of musical works, this is computed as below.

  • We register your music with Performing Rights Organizations [PROs]. You pay the Standard Membership charges of IPRS/ PRS/ ASCAP.
  • We create a mapping and matching report after digging into various PRO databases
  • We create cue sheets for Films/ TV Background
  • We amend existing work which are registered wrongly with the PROs
  • We update your work periodically
Earn music royalties now

Don’t leave money on the table

Joshua Royalties make cue sheets and registers your music with performing rights organizations. So that you do not leave royalty monies on the table. Let's get started.