5 ways to earn more from your music

5 ways to earn more from your music

How many times have you seen a writer turn his book into a TV Series, Movies or a Special Edition? Sounds like such a great way to re-make money from the same story, right?

Can music creators do that, too? Definitely.

A musician can earn by experimenting with his already existing work. Whether, it is a prominent work with millions of hits or just an underrated piece of work. All you need is a medium and a desire to do something different.

Here are 5 ideas to earn more from your music

  1. Remix Time

    Have an old song that busted all the charts in your genre? Well it’s time to revive it and present it to the new generation. Old is Gold, right?

    Experiment with various aspects of the original composition.

  2. Who’s Calling?

    Opportunities are. Companies in the cellular market are dying to rope in new and old mixes as Ringtones and Caller Tunes. Listing your originals with itunes, Playstore, Amazon, Cellular Companies, etc can provide you with an adequate and a stable source of income. In India alone, there are over 450 Million mobile phone users. Imagine bucks on every download ever.

  3. Take control

    By the year 2019, the mobile phone usage for the entire world is set to cross the 5 Billion mark. This gives the Videogames industry the ultimate motive to churn out more of their graphic retreats. And what makes these games interesting? Yes. Music! Any given good game easily grosses over Million downloads in a matter of just few months. Over a Million people, listening to your music while they relax from their daily routine.

    This level is yours, press start.

  4. Stock it up

    The use of Music in corporate media is at an all time high in today’s time. The Guardian UK says, “Everything from a simple keyboard motif to an epic orchestral track and everything in between is needed by music libraries to sell to customers for a variety of purposes”. Be it Shop jingles, podcasts, Yoga CDs, Motivational CDs, Speeches, Public Service Announcements, Radio Fillers, Pre set beats, etc., the need and scope for stock music in today’s date is unbounded.

  5. Drive in the Stream

    Platforms like Soundcloud, Spotify, etc have favoured a great deal of artists to come out of the shadows and take a dive in the mainstream music business. These platforms have over 200 Million active listeners combined that not only groove to your tunes but actively share them and make their friends groove too!

    You can upgrade your profile into a paid one and earn on a subscription basis. What’s more is that even if you haven't upgraded your account, you will still earn for every listen. So don’t forget to share your tunes with your closed ones.

    While you’re at it, don’t forget to apply for royalties, too. Did you know that most successful artists make up to 66% of their income from music royalties? That’s a lot of money, right? Why leave it on the table.

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