Why Do We Need a Music Royalty Administration Service in India?

My name is Raju Singh. I co-founded Joshua Royalties, the music royalty administration service in India.

I work as a Music Composer, Music Producer, Director, Arranger and Singer. I have been doing just that for the past 30 years.

As part of my long musical journey, I have painfully felt the absence of a standard way to catalog musical work.

I know how it affects music creators, their rights, and the Royalties due to them.

I started making cue sheets for my own music and registering it with the PROs. Then friends started asking for help. Before I knew it, I had to get an entire team to help me with the cue-sheets and registration of music. Joshua Royalties was born out of this. We have now added acoustic fingerprinting services to our repertoire.

The music industry globally is undergoing a revolution. In its wake it’s bringing in new challenges that we need to overcome.

Music is being consumed digitally at astonishing scales. But the creators and the rightful owners are not compensated fairly.

Crores of Rupees don't reach their rightful owners. The chief reason: Lack of clean, standardised information about music that everyone agrees to.

The happy part is that all this is about to change. At Joshua Royalties, we are building an institution where data is clean, secure, correct and transparent for music creators and music users.

Raju Singh Co-Founder & Musician

Joshua Royalties, was started to create the standards and processes for music creators. To ensure that they get their share of correct payments and due credits.

Meet Your Music Royalty Administration Team 

In the last 8 years we've perfected the art of registering the musical works of music creators with performing rights organizations In India and around the world. So that you get to focus on creating the music.

We get you the music royalties you deserve.


Aarti Yadav

Co-ordinator Copyright Administration

Ashutosh Yaduvanshi

Co-ordinator Data Management

Devi Muthuraman

Director of Administration / COO

Fardeen Shaikh
Harshad Shinde
Narmada Jene
Nisha Creado

Royalty Analyst

Rajshree Punjabi
Sherley Singh


Vivek Singh
Veerabhadra T. M.

Accounts Manager

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